100% biodegradable surf accessories




Surf fin designed for beginners, made with 100% biodegradable material very flexible and resistant. For small waves.


Made with 100% biodegradable material, flexible but more rigid than Cheil Abei. This fin is perfect for intermediate surfers with a design for medium size waves.


Perfect for Surf fin designed for intermediate surfers, made with 100% biodegradable material and very resistant. With a design for normal size waves.


Surf fin designed for intermediate/expert surfers, made with 100% biodegradable material, rigid and light. With a design big and heavy waves.



exo is a brand born of the catalanocanarian connection of two sea lovers. She's engineer and product designer and he's economist, and together decided to start, on 2016, this project to help surfers to practice their passion taking care of the environment and being more responsible.

Where the brand's name comes? The exocoetides or flying fish (Exocoetidae) are a type of fish with about 70 species grouped in seven to nine genera.

The flying fish is one of the fastest fishes in the world inside the water. Speed, aerodynamics, turning capacity, jump outside and underwater behaviour are some specs very important in surf, that makes that fish the perfect candidate to contribute with his name to our brand.

In exo we made all the production processes in our installations. Study, design, production, packaging and distribution.





Engineer, designer and sea lover.



Enterpreneur and surfer.



When a surf fin is lost in the sea, it takes part of the pollution suffered for our oceans. For cases like the following do not continue happening, exo creates an alternative for surfers with 100% biodegradable accessories. Giving the option to surfers enjoy their passion with responsibility by supporting their ecofriendly principles #surfandcare


The biodegradable materials used are made from organic raw materials that come from renewable sources such as corn, beets, wheat and other products rich in starch and lactic acid. This acid has many characteristics equivalent to or even better than many petroleum-based plastics, which makes it efficient and environmentally friendly.

#bioexo products are biodegraded in approximately 2 years depending on your care, once the fin has been used it has to be cleaned with water and dried.

Material accepted for the european norm: NF EN 13432:2000.


The masterbatches used to tint the fin doesn't modify the bio properties of the used material.

The inks used to print the logotype in the fin and in the packaging are eco-friendly inks that doesn't produce any environment pain.


Natural, biodegradable, durability, resistance, ecological, reusable, environment friendly and no waste of water. These are some of jute specs, the material used by us for the packaging of our products.

This jute bag is reusable, supporting another of exo principles as #zerowaste.

For stationery are always used environmentally friendly and recycled products.